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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I really want to head north to do some camping. Is there any place to camp in Moosonee or Moose Factory?

A. Absolutely!. Tidewater Park is your best bet for camping up in our neck of the woods. This municipal park is located, interestingly enough, on an island directly between Moosonee and Moose Factory. Tidewater has cleared camp sites, stone fire pits and, during the months of July and August, it also boasts cut fire wood and even running water.  

Tidewater is maintained by the Town of Moosonee's Parks and Recreation Department.  For more information on the Park, please feel free to call the Recreation Director at 705-336-1209, Monday through Friday.

Q. Can I drive to Moosonee?

A. As strange as it may sound, no. Moosonee has no road connection to the south. Travelers to our two communities (Moosonee / Moose Factory) can get here by air or rail. In fact, during certain times in the spring or fall, the trip from Moosonee – located on the mainland – to Moose Factory Island can only be made by helicopter!

During the summer months, most visitors come to Moosonee aboard the Polar Bear Express excursion train. To learn more about fares and times for the Polar Bear Express, click here.   Or call the local Passenger Services Representative here in Moosonee at 705-336-2364.  

Q. You mention a company called "Ontario Northland" several times - Who are they?

A. Ontario Northland is the company that owns and operates both the Polar Bear Express and Little Bear Trains connecting Moosonee and the town of Cochrane.  

Q. I really want to see some wildlife while on my vacation. If I go up to Moosonee, will I see some animals?

A. The answer is a definite maybe. Because the Great Muskeg region surrounding Moosonee and Moose Factory is a natural wetland, the entire region is rich in natural wildlife. Unfortunately, because these animals have had little or no human contact, all but the most curious generally tend to shy away from the sights and sounds of Man.

Q. I’ve heard a great deal about your weather up there. If I decide to make the trip, how should I dress?

A. Excellent question. The climate of the southern James Bay region is very unpredictable. Winters can be remarkably harsh considering the latitude. The mercury in January and February has been known in recent years to dip to the -55 Celsius mark (and that’s without the wind-chill!). The summers, on the other hand, can be surprisingly hot and humid. Our advice is simple: hope for the best but plan for the worst. Bring along a warm jacket or sweater, a pair of shorts, comfortable walking shoes and a rain coat if you have one.

Q. Okay, I'm convinced. But I don’t know where to stay once I get there. Are there accommodations in your area?

A. Sure! While Two Bay Tours can't recommend one property over another, we are able to furnish interested travelers with the appropriate reservations numbers:

(Please note: per-person water taxi fares apply to the Eco-Lodge as it is located on an island)

THE NISKA INN  1-705-336-2226
POLAR BEAR LODGE 1-416-244-1495
MOOSE LODGE 1-705-336-3256
TAMARACK SUITES 1-705-336-2496
MOOSE RIVER B&B 1-705-336-1555

Q. I'd very much like to do some fishing while I'm up in your neck of the woods.  Any suggestions as to a possible guide?

A. Sure!  Give Claude's Fishing and Sightseeing Tours a call and tell him Two Bay sent you!  Claude can be reached at 705-336-3612 or via email at

Q. I’m an American and therefore do not have to pay the Canadian Goods and Services Tax. Can Two Bay refund me the G.S.T.?

A. Unfortunately no. American visitors must submit their purchase receipts to Canadian Customs and Immigration officials at the border in order to receive a G.S.T. refund.

Q. My question isn’t answered here. What do I do?

A. Simple. E-mail us! If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out who does and let you know. Our E-mail address is

Q. Is there any way I can get more information that might help in planning a visit to your area?

A. Sure! There have been two uniquely different books written specifically about visiting Moosonee / Moose Factory.

They are listed below:


This comprehensive, "much-more-than-a-guide-book" contains everything from area history to local train and airline schedules to a recipe for traditional bannock bread. Written by award-winning Canadian author and member of the Order of Canada, Mr. Michael Barnes, this book retails for $12.95 (Can$) before taxes.  


Written by a former fur trader and Northern educator, this book will enrich any visit to the James Bay Lowlands. Written in a relaxed, informal style, All Aboard presents readers with information on the regional ecology, its history and its people. This book retails for $9.95 (Can $) before taxes.


Michael Barnes' book is distributed by General Store Publishing House / 1 (800) 465-6072.  Frederick Closes' book is self-published and is available for purchase from various Northern Ontario book retailers including The Highway Book Shop in Cobalt, Ontario / (705) 679-8375.


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